When in Bruges …

During my five years in London, I often spent weekends in Paris and Amsterdam but never made it to Bruges. On my last visit to Paris last month, I made sure to make time to visit this wonderfully preserved medieval city, postcard perfect stop on any tour of Europe.

Situated in Western Flanders part of Belgium, Bruges is a living museum, rich in art and ancient architecture.  When Dukes of Burgundy set up court in here in the 15th century, the city became a major artistic centre. The new Flemish-school of oil-painting techniques gained world recognition. Today, its museums hold some of the country’s finest collections of Flemish art. 

"Margerita Van Eyck" by Van Eyck

We drove into the city on a sunny Sunday morning. Little antique market along the Dijver River was in the full swing.  Riverboats were already gliding down quiet canals, bordered by all that gothic splendor as old trees leaned over, casting their mighty reflections.

Bruges canal

Bruges’ gothic buildings, cobbled streets, gabled houses and scenic canals can all be explored either on foot, romantic horse-drawn carriage, on a canal trip or a leisurely bike ride.

Drifting down the canal

Belgium produces some of Europe’s most distinguished cuisine, the city offers 350 types of bear and of course ……………the world’s best chocolate.

Bruges chocolate shop

Belgian chocolate is considered to be the gourmet standard by which all other chocolates are measured. What makes it so unique, is the quality of ingredients and the strict following of the Old World techniques. Even today, most Belgian chocolates are still made by hand in small shops, using original equipment.  That gives us a great opportunity to watch a master chocolatiers creating delicate morsels of chocolate goodness right before our eyes.

Chocolate shop

When in Bruges, one must try their famous Mussels and Fries, traditional Flemish fare. Piping hot, crispy and tasty, fries are served with a dollop of mayo and a glass of cold Belgian bear.

Mussles & Fries in Bruges

For dessert, order the famous Belgium waffle; banana, strawberry or a chocolate covered one topped with delicious ice cream.  Sweet, airy and crisp all at the same time, they simply melt in your mouth.

Chocolate waffle


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