Seduced by Burgundy, Part Two

The sun is rising behind the Pyramide as we drive through the Louvre grounds on our way to Chablis, in anticipation of another glorious day of indulging all our senses in all Burgundy has to offer. We leave Paris driving south, past the forest of Fontainebleau with its magnificent Castle, favorite hunting place of a long line of French kings on our way to Serein valley and a sleepy, historic town of Chablis. Chateau Fontainebleau One of the most... Read More

One sweet day in Paris

As every food savvy traveler to Paris knows; the City of Light is a home to the best patisseries and chocolatiers in the world and able to satisfy sweet tooth of all who wish to savor it bite by delicious bite. La Maison du Chocolat The tip of the pastry iceberg is made up of big names such as Laduree and Pierre Herme, who was the first to present his pastry creations like a fashion collection. Pierre Herme To further whet your appetite, there are... Read More

Paris, je suis arrivée!

I blink in the bright sunlight as I step out of the plane at Charles De Gaulle airport early in the morning. After the darkness of the Atlantic it feels even brighter. What a perfect welcome; Paris, je suis arrivée!! My “Parisian home” for the next 10 days is on the hill of Montmartre (the Bute), mecca for 19th century artists, writers, poets and painters. How appropriate; this trip is all about finding some inspiration. After a quick nap, I... Read More