Christmas Traditions: Glühwein

Mulled Wine1

Cozy choice of an après-ski treat, mulled wine is a favourite drink of choice in ski huts across Europe. German Glühwein or “glow-wine”, named after the hot irons once used for its mulling, is popular in German-speaking countries and also in French region of Alsace, right across the border.

The German tradition dates back to 1420 with noble families starting to grow first Riesling grapes, which can also be used in Glühwein along with Pinot Noir and Cabernet Franc. A slowly simmering pot of gluhwein makes the whole house smell inviting, festive and Christmassy. Perfect for those nights by the fire, wrapping presents and enjoying the Spirit of the Holidays. It tastes like heaven, warms your tummy and your toes and is bound to make your cheeks glow.

Mulled Wine

For Germans, Glühwein is an integral part of the Christmas experience and commonly served at Germany’s famous Christmas markets—Christkindlmärkte along with a variety of festive foods and treats, so people can sit down and get warm while sipping hot German Glühwein as a break from Christmas shopping.

When needing a short break, order glühwein served in a festive mug designed just for that year and after a few sips of this piping hot brew of spices, citrus and wine  you’ll have new shot of energy to push on through the chill. Read full post ……….


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