Sparkling Wines: Ring in the New Year with a Splash of Bubbly!

December is a month to celebrate and Champagne has been an undeniable celebratory drink over the centuries. Stylish and chic, fizz has been associated with fun since middle 17th century when London society discovered the “uplifting” effect of this amazing wine from Champagne with its smooth, seductive bubbles exploding on the tongue in a frothy array of fruity, brioche-like goodness. Champagne only comes from the Champagne region of France and... Read More

Seduced by Burgundy, Part Two

The sun is rising behind the Pyramide as we drive through the Louvre grounds on our way to Chablis, in anticipation of another glorious day of indulging all our senses in all Burgundy has to offer. We leave Paris driving south, past the forest of Fontainebleau with its magnificent Castle, favorite hunting place of a long line of French kings on our way to Serein valley and a sleepy, historic town of Chablis. Chateau Fontainebleau One of the most... Read More