Wine Pairing for Grilled Lamb: Les Dauphins Côtes Du Rhône Reserve Red

Les DauphinsTraditional Côtes du Rhône red blend from Cellier Des Dauphins. Vinified with 80% Grenache, 15 % Syrah and a touch of Mourvèdre. Medium bodied, fruit forward and dry, it’s bursting with aromas and flavours of ripe summer fruit, a touch of spice, subtle floral notes and smooth, silky tannins. Closes in an earthy, medium finish. Perfect party wine, great paired with succulent grilled lamb. LCBO: 385385, $ 10.95


Villa Maria3 (3)Juicy chargrilled lamb is truly a special treat. I love this rich, full flavored, tender meat with wonderfully unique flavor. Grilling it, brings out all the flavours and I consider it one of the greatest ways to enjoy it.

Even though it’s fantastic with just a sprinkle of salt and pepper, lamb loves rosemary and garlic. They are traditional ingredients in dry Mediterranean-style rubs that work so well with delicate lamb meat.

As one of the most wine-friendly of meats, lamb works perfectly with the more fruit-driven varietals. Depending on the rub or marinade, if  it comes with a touch of spice, look for a wine with some sweet fruit, such as red Rhone blends with ripe, fruit forward summer berry aromas. If marinated with lemon and rosemary in a Mediterranean style, pair it with wines with a bit more acidity. Italian Chianti would make a great match and in the white category; crisp Greek white Assyrtiko or even dry fuller bodied rosés from the sunny south of France would also work great.

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