Wine Pairings for Late Summer Bounty

Late summer bounty at Ottawa’s ByWard market is on full display. A dazzling array of vibrant colors, aromas, and textures, a true sensory overload. I can never resist the urge to buy a little bit of everything and then try to come up with some creative ways to use it all up before it passes its prime. Golden corn, juicy red tomatoes, shiny plump eggplants, sunny-yellow squash,... Read More

Rosés; Pretty in pink

Late spring and early summer are perfect times to enjoy some delicious rosé wines. Beautifully versatile and food friendly, they make a perfect patio sippers and delicious companions to a great array of spring and summer dishes. When we think of rosés, the first thing that comes to mind is France and its sun drenched region of Provence, which produces the very best examples of... Read More