Around the World in Six Rosés

There is a great glass of perfectly chilled rosé for every summer meal and every occasion. Born in sun-soaked Provence in France’s deep south, rosés are taking the world by storm. These days they are vinified with a great variety of grapes and made in pretty much every wine producing country in the world. The grapes used in the production of rosés are usually... Read More

Wine Pairings for Late Summer Bounty

Late summer bounty at Ottawa’s ByWard market is on full display. A dazzling array of vibrant colors, aromas, and textures, a true sensory overload. I can never resist the urge to buy a little bit of everything and then try to come up with some creative ways to use it all up before it passes its prime. Golden corn, juicy red tomatoes, shiny plump eggplants, sunny-yellow squash,... Read More

Wine Pairings to Toast Your Winter Roast

Enjoying warming aromas of slowly roasting meats coming from the kitchen oven while watching giant snow flakes cover the frozen ground is my most comforting indoor winter pastime. Roasting uses dry heat that surrounds the meat, cooking it evenly on all sides to enhance flavor by caramelization. Its perfect for slower cooking of large pieces of meat that makes them tender, crispy,... Read More

Wine Pairing of the Week: Benjamin Brunel Rasteau & Comforting Roasted Chicken

From the high altitude, terraced vineyards at approximately 250 meters above the sea level in Rhone’s Vaucluse region, comes this juicy, fruit forward blend of Syrah, Cinsault and Grenache. Full bodied, rich and smooth with aromas and flavours of cassis, black cherries and raspberries with a whiff of rosemary and black olives. Fresh and vibrant on the palate with silky tannins.... Read More